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Connectalytics, Vuurr’s New Marketing Tool, One Month Strong

As of June 21 2013 – Connectalytics is now Levers. All accounts and data have been migrated. Get the scoop here on Levers blog

When your undying love and devotion to Google Analytics goes beyond daily criticism of other PPC products, you’re faced with little help from Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising or LinkedIn. Every day you’re weakened by the amount of time nonchalantly hoarded by these other sources, while deep down your creepin’ carpal tunnel scales from multiple sign ins, hundreds of individual setting clicks and other crazy things you do with your trackpad.

But alas, just when you felt the channel to PPC efficiency narrowing, we’ve opened a new connection. Brace yourself because your frustration ends today – and maybe you’ve heard of it already as we launched it just a couple weeks ago – Connectalytics, a new analytics tool (now baked into Levers).

With Connectalytics Levers, you can use Google Analytics for all your PPC data crunching. All you have to do is complete 5 steps, and simple ones, too.

Bing is ready now, and it’s free up to 10K keywords. While you’re setting up Bing feeds and experiencing the overarching goodness brought by single-dashboard campaign analysis, we’re finishing up Facebook and LinkedIn connections.

In addition, we’ve just finalized a series of new enhancements based on feedback and suggestions from our current users (we love you) like:

  • New internal commonly asked questions for users
  • A pro pricing plan for users with more than 10K keywords
  • Restricted Bing data to specified account ID
  • Improved linking of Bing accounts by automatically populating a list of accounts (So you no longer need to search for the account ID.)
  • Customizable source name in Analytics (defaults to “bing”)
  • Activity log of feed to view number of keywords pulled per night, errors, etc.
  • Improved error messages

connectalytics dashboard feed view
Thanks to all the great feedback we’ve received and continue to see, we’ll keep working to make Connectalytics better and better. And just when you’re about to start complaining about Facebook’s analytics again, we’ll have more good news waiting.

Seriously, why are you still reading? This blog post is so long. Did we forget to say it’s free or something? Maybe we needed another obvious metaphor. Sign up now and stop wasting your time; it’s unbecoming of you (unlike Connectalytics, which fits you like a glove).

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