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Vuurr builds metric-driven, digital marketing campaigns. By focusing on both organic and paid search engine strategy, analytics integration and reporting, and conversion-oriented custom development, Vuurr provides each of our clients with ROI motivated results.

We define results as those directly related to your business growth and expansion. And further, results that will invariably provide you with a culmination of established, data-driven prosperity and ongoing success.

Vuurr's clients expect marketing and development methods driven and analytically customized by their own customer trends - not trends based on the latest, random, online poll. They expect we'll make the most of their budget, and push everything to achieve their goals. Our clients can expect this because we are dedicated to supplying a level of high caliber service and fresh intellect that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our team brings a laser-like focus to client account management. It's what we do. It's what we breathe. It's why we say "no" to clients more often than we say "yes," so we can stay focused on what makes you money.


Jonathan Kressaty

Entrepreneur, systems maven, and tech savant

Jonathan Kressaty is a partner and co-founder at Vuurr. From creating and managing digital campaigns to establishing entire businesses, Jonathan knows how to do it with unrivalled, analytical skills and technologies no one’s even heard of yet. After successfully launching three businesses, trial and error has made him the man at Vuurr who knows how to make impossible things possible.

Jonathan launched Vuurr with the other four founders in 2011 after establishing Ripstyles (a CD ripping and conversion service) and Betwext (an SMS marketing application). When he’s not in the office, he loves trying the latest restaurants, cooking at home and playing guitar. He graduated early with a BS in Economics from Arizona State University.

"When I need to build impossible things with technologies nobody knows about yet, Jonathan makes it happen."

James Archer


  • Master Project Manager
  • System & Database Architect
  • BS Economics, Arizona State University


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Scott Yacko

Online advertising expert and speaker/author

Scott Yacko one of Vuurr’s co-founding partners. Among his executive duties, he is Vuurr’s pay-per-click strategy expert. His consistent ability to push clients’ ROI through the roof proves his skill is unmatched anywhere. Scott is the man at Vuurr that never gives up on your goal. No matter the challenge, he has the answer. Occasionally, Scott shares his PPC experience and Google AdWords knowledge at tech and marketing related conventions across the Southwest.

Outside Vuurr, Scott is usually running outdoors, traveling with his wife or playing with his dogs. His past experience in day trading and hardware engineering further adds to his impressive list of skills. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and his MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

"Scott has been great to work with as witnessed by his flexibility, availability, and quick turn-around."

Nancy Sechrist - Makahiki Farms


  • Pay Per Click Expert
  • Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois
  • MBA Technology Management, University of Phoenix


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Chuck Reynolds

Globally-respected SEO and Vuurr's Tactical Liaison Officer

Chuck Reynolds is a partner, co-founder and web strategy engineer at Vuurr. He specializes in high-level WordPress development, Digital Asset Optimization (DAO) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. With an adept hand, Chuck is responsible for implementing many of our client’s websites, as well as helping establish and maintain their reputations online. He works harder and faster than anyone else out there. Basically, he’s Vuurr’s technical G.I. Joe.

In addition to Vuurr, Chuck is the COO of Betwext (an SMS marketing application), founder of rYnoweb (a location-based marketing and online reputation management company) and some others we probably don’t even know about yet. In rare moments when he’s not working, he’s mountain biking or hiking. He received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University.

"I learned more about SEO from Chuck today in 5 minutes at lunch than in 5 months from tinkering on my own."

Justin McHood


  • WordPress Juggernaut
  • Online Reputation Management Strategist
  • Technical Local and On-Site SEO
  • Weapons Specialist
  • BS Aeronautical Engineering, Arizona State University


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