Reaching missed conversions via Retargeting

Although the exact process depends on the needs of each brand, the below guideline is a general representation of how Vuurr will set up your retargeting campaign.

Evaluate 3rd Party Vendor Performance

Vuurr will perform a thorough ROI analysis of your brand’s current retargeting effort. We take into consideration every campaign property, including all cost-associated clicks that contribute to conversions with the use of multi-channel funnels.

Evaluate Retargeting Strategy

Document the current state of your brand’s information flow between internal marketing department, external PPC management vendor, and retargeting vendor. After assessing paths, Vuurr will identify any inefficiencies and recommend improvements.

Restructure of Retargeting Campaign

An effective retargeting strategy collaborates with all aspects of your brand’s campaign. Should a campaign’s current state lend itself to a restructure, Vuurr will re-evaluate SEM and SEO optimization to procure more advantageous results overall.

Retargeting Product/Brand Segmentation

Vuurr will segment retargeting structure by pages visited, and retarget those visitors with ads for the specific brands/products they were browsing. Thus, identifying audience tags for optimal recognition results, as well as testing and placing segment and burn pixels on pages most likely to satisfy your retargeting goals.

Technical Implementation

Vuurr works with current retargeting vendors to implement the improved retargeting strategy.

Creative Asset Optimization

We’ll assist your creative teams to optimize the retargeting creative for improved clickthrough rates.

Vuurr knows that developing and maintaining a proper retargeting campaign is crucial to a well implemented paid search campaign. We offer retargeting services that properly define the successes and potential increases in return, so your brand continues to gain more attention and traction with customers. When done correctly, retargeting produces higher clickthrough rates and increased conversions in addition to repeated exposure. Traditionally, we propose retargeting be re-evaluated along with SEM strategy and implemented upon further data acquisition.

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