Optimizing Paid Search Campaigns to Maximize ROI

Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Facebook, Retargeting, and More

Often times clients spend money on paid search campaigns that don’t convert. Sometimes this is due to a lack of experience in the team managing the campaign, other times it’s simply due to a lack of information that can be used to make profitable decisions. Vuurr takes pride in offering services that provide clients with a clear return on investment.

We may not spend your entire budget.

If your ads aren’t performing due to variables outside of our control, or if the volume of searches simply isn’t available, we’ll pause the campaign. We don’t spend your money simply to take a fee.

Software is smart, humans are smarter.

Vuurr’s SEM team is a tactical group of highly-trained individuals. Rather than rely on software to try and automate tasks, we have industry experts constantly analyzing your accounts to ensure your advertising dollars are going as far as possible.

We’ve been doing this for years.

Several members of our SEM team have been advertising with Google since it began. They’ve seen changes throughout the years that provide valueable experience when optimizing your campaigns.

We’re experts at analytics.

Besides paid search services, Vuurr has an entire team of experts dedicated to analytics and analysis of client properties and advertising accounts. This gives us the data needed to best optimize your SEM efforts.

We’re in the business of internet marketing.

Rather than approach a paid search campaign as a task, Vuurr’s SEM team handles every account as if it was our own business and our own dollars being spent.

In addition to creating and/or refactoring and updating an existing set of paid search tools, Vuurr provides many clients with ongoing SEM management services. Vuurr takes a performance based approach that emphasizes quality converting traffic over high (but often useless) volume. Additionally, because of the incentivized performance-based payment model, clients can be sure they will receive the best possible results from our dedicated SEM team.

Ongoing Management Augments Initial Optimization.

Optimizing Campaigns to Maximize ROI

Vuurr’s methodology is applied to every element of the campaign from keyword selection to ad copy to landing page layout. The following areas are all part of the primary evaluation of every paid search campaign Vuurr manages.


Keyword Evaluation

Identify unprofitable keywords to eliminate unnecessary budget allocation, optimize keyword match types to restrict non-converting terms, and identify negative keywords to prevent irrelevant search results

Bidding Strategy Evaluation

Determine an optimal combination of ad position, cost-per-click, and budget to deliver desired return on ad spend for a particular keyword, product, brand, etc.

Ad Content Strategy

Perform extensive ad copy split-testing to diminish returns while balancing keyword content in order to minimize cost but maintain brand messaging

Delivery Network Analysis

Cost/Benefit Analysis of adding display campaigns outside of the current retargeting efforts (including automatic vs. managed placements)

Campaign Targeting

Implement appropriate geographical device (PC/tablet/mobile) and language settings to target a specific audience that will convert to sales

Landing Page Evaluation

Evaluate and produce correct set of customized development and SEO/SEM strategies

Chronological Partitioning

Automate incremental bid adjustments to fire during hours when conversion rates are highest

Bid Type Analysis

Evaluate current cost-per-click bidding model versus cost-per-conversion model based on real-time conversion data to optimize for ROI