Custom Web Development

Everything from Analytics to E-Commerce

Custom Analytics

Beyond integrating Google and other providers’ analytics systems into existing properties, Vuurr builds custom applications that aggregate data across several channels. Additionally, Vuurr can provide custom analytics packages based on pre-existing and/or new builds that help your business not only aggregate data, but also interpret it into meaningful, ROI-driving decisions.

Lead Generation

In the world of content marketing, it is crucial to have a technical application that properly generates profitable leads. To this end, Vuurr builds custom tools that provide everything from conversion tracking to drip campaigns via email, SMS, phone, and more. Additionally, Vuurr’s marketing team works closely with development to ensure funnels and pages are optimized for conversion.


Whether it’s integration with an off-the-shelf cart solution for WordPress, or an advanced custom solution handling everything from inventory and fulfillment to sales and customer management, Vuurr can build the online commerce platform you need. Additional consulting with our marketing team will ensure that the shopping cart and entire customer experience encourage conversion at the highest possible rates.

Web Applications

With experts in third-party APIs from hundreds of providers, the Vuurr development team can turn your application idea into a reality. Music, video, real estate, and telephony are only a couple examples on our extensive list of specialties. We scale applications to handle millions of users and advanced integration, making ample room for your custom application to mature into a full-blown, thriving corporation.

Facebook Apps

Open graph objects and actions, page and ad insights, custom ad management, built-in applications – Facebook is a part of marketing that can’t be ignored. Vuurr’s development experts work Facebook marketing on all levels, from expanding the effectiveness of a current application, to building a from-scratch Facebook app, to creating custom dashboards for Facebook marketing via paid ads and insights.

Telephony & More

With a team that has built SMS and phone-based applications ready to manage millions of users, Vuurr developers don’t just build, they consult and design applications centered around telephony efforts. Simple SMS integration into current applications is powerful, but Vuurr provides this in addition to synthesizing telephony with all your large-scale, custom applications. Thus, giving you the opportunity to market to millions via SMS or voice calls.

Vuurr develops digital campaigns and web applications that are stable, efficient, and dexterously built from the inside-out. With a skilled team of developers and programmers, Vuurr specializes in complex, highly specific web campaigns, whether its an e-commerce project, a large Analytics analysis system, a WordPress restructure, Facebook open graph, or a solution built from scratch.

Vuurr creates web applications built for winning.

How It’s Done

Custom Consultation

In addition to building any application, our dev team assesses current business needs in order to match in-depth development specs with SEM, SEO, and PPC strategies.

Personal Design & Structure

Vuurr’s applications are designed to provide a smooth functioning, intuitively progressive system specific to you and your customers’ needs.

Performance & Delivery

All Vuurr projects upgrade application and web page delivery to satisfy customer usability preferences and maximize conversion rates across platforms.

Increased User Efficiency

Besides basic functionality, Vuurr pinpoints and creates applications designed to increase efficiency for both campaign owners and customers.

Iterative Approach

By aiming high for both rapid results and significant value, we use the best technique results to propel campaigns forward.

Data On Data

Vuurr treats all analytics sources as a single property, aggregates data, and interprets results in order to provide KPIs relevant to your business and bottom line.