Convert Impressions to Paying Customers

Precision Analytics & Conversion Funnel Optimization Techniques

With a series of intelligent A/B split testing, multivariate testing, layout adjustment and/or goal-focused experiments, Vuurr will manipulate your site’s data from a conversion perspective in order to discover exactly what pieces of architecture are faulting you. After it’s been pinpointed, we’ll use your analytical customer data and our years of experience to correct disjointed areas and transform them into monetary slingshots.

Full Site Analytics Audit

Before you work on goals for your business, it’s important to know exactly how your site functions, where it’s strong, where it’s weak and who your visitors are. Vuurr’s years of familiarity and training with Analytics gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best insight your money can buy. That’s why a full site audit is the best place to start when developing any online marketing strategy.

Content Analysis

Establish and manage short to long term A/B and/or multivariate testing phases in order to optimize your site’s conversion funnel. From copy to page format to command position to load time, Vuurr assess each piece of your website in order to capitalize on the movements your visitors are most likely to make.

ECommerce Flow

Setup advanced funnels in Analytics to monitor visitor performance and behavior. From inception to completion, Analytics funnels associate conversions with user needs. To the untrained eye this kind of testing could take years, but our team’s clever data analysis starts to spot patterns and uncover holes within days. Thus, giving your campaign the power to improve while it’s evaluated instead of waiting for results.

There’s little you can’t learn from your Analytics data. Where are you customers coming from, how long are they staying and what pages are they looking at? What’s your ROI, your margin, your revenue, or your best selling product? Organically, where are people finding your information, what are their keywords, where do they bounce? At Vuurr, your analytics is where we start. Any problem areas or monetary focus, we will analyze your business from the inside out.

When your well-built site is garnering traffic made for 6-lane freeways but you’re not converting any users, what do you do?