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Why You Can’t Do Adwords Like Us

The world is full of light sources, and plenty of good uses for various types. You need to search for a wanted person from the helicopter? Spotlight will work just fine. You want to illuminate a room, 100 Watts of incandescence will do you just fine. You want to find your way through the woods, use a flashlight. You want to cut steel? Get your ass a laser.

The difference between a laser and any of the other sources is focus. You get those photons into an aligned focused state and powerful things can happen. You can cut things, read data off a disc, annoy the hell out of everyone in a movie theater, you name it.

Real change, real success, only comes as a product of extreme focused attention. If you are trying to succeed at 7 or 8 different things at once, odds are you’re going to get a handful of flashlights – illuminating some of the things going on, but not really doing anything powerful. Focus everything on one project, give it your entire attention, every waking moment you can sustain. It’s not a 100% guarantee to succeed, but odds are that you’ll get a laser every once in a while that changes your world.

Do one thing, and do it 100%. If it isn’t worth everything you have, then is it worth doing?

Vuurr brings a laser like focus to the way we manage our clients’ accounts to grow their business. It’s what we do, it’s what we breathe. It’s why we say “no” to more clients than we say “yes” to, so that we can keep that focus and make sure that we are able to be focused on the right things.

About Chris Conrey

A partner and our client development specialist, his job is launching Vuurr and its clients into impressive business deals.

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